Siegfried sassoon does it matter essay

The Development of War Poetry Throughout Ww1

Both poems show the suffering and immorality of war and affect the reader in a slightly different ways.

Analysis of Attack by Siegfried Sassoon

Conclusively, both poems deliver graphic and realistic relation to war that makes them so loved and renowned throughout literature. He wanted to upset the enthusiastic civilians and those that misleadingly glorified the war. They were devised from newspaper hints and memories from his own experiences. He uses a pattern of blunt lines which lead to a shocking last verse that effectively astonishes the reader.

Siegfried Sassoon's Letter to The Times

Like Wilfred Owen, he felt it was his duty to inform the public of the terrible conditions and suffering taking place in the war. Having come from a wealthy family and study at Cambridge University, he lived without a profession and spent a lot of time writing poetry that he occasionally was able to publish. He volunteered to become an Officer in the First World War and recorded his experiences in a diary that were later used in his poetry. After being injured he was taken to a Hospital in Scotland where he met Wilfred Owen and helped him with his poetry drafts.

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Unlike Wilfred Owen, he went back to fight in the war, which shows that he did not have the same great detestation Owen had. Sassoon really means that it does matter. This tells the reader that people will presume you are content that you have done your duties and they will not need to worry. You are obviously happy in knowing that you have fought for your country. He is attacking the attitudes of the people that do not think of the horrible injuries caused by war and do not wish to know of them.


Although this poem has only three quatrain stanzas, the reader still gets a vivid insight into how horrendous and vile the conditions the soldiers were in really were. Sassoon therefore wanted the public to feel guilty that the men they are cheering into battle were once children and many were still in adolescence. The marked pause before the final stanza extends the effect that the imagery used has on the reader. No one spoke of him again. The writings of both Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon have certain similarities: they were obviously both pacifists I believe this is due to their roles as soldiers and abhorred the violence of war.

Siegfried Sassoon: Poems Background

I also believe that through their poems they were both trying to communicate the reality of war, which goes against the popular opinion in that time that war was glorious and honourable. They also both used vivid imagery to convey their meanings and add weight to their meanings. I believe that the most important point made by both Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon is that there is no glory in war. To many people of that time, reading their poems was possibly the first time they could associate with the horror that millions of soldiers experienced. Let us create the best one for you! More essays like this:.

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siegfried sassoon does it matter essay Siegfried sassoon does it matter essay
siegfried sassoon does it matter essay Siegfried sassoon does it matter essay
siegfried sassoon does it matter essay Siegfried sassoon does it matter essay
siegfried sassoon does it matter essay Siegfried sassoon does it matter essay
siegfried sassoon does it matter essay Siegfried sassoon does it matter essay

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