Essay on science and its blessings

Aug 15, 2009

Yet, most teenagers are nearly inseparable from their cell phones, not because they are constantly talking, but because they are connecting with their friends through text messaging. As a phenomenon, this was originally unprecedented and unpredicted, especially because text messaging capabilities were designed strictly for mobile phone companies to communicate with their customers. While consumers gained significant advantages by using a computer at home to facilitate their purchasing, the mobile smart phone added another critical dimension — not only the access to product, pricing and comparative information while shopping in traditional stores but also the ability to immediately buy online as well.

To the extent that computer and Internet growth rates were rapid, smart phone adoption has been staggering. This means that Seth wants her children to be more interactive with the world around them instead of staying home on mobile devices. This makes people become mindless because all they do is stick to the technology and makes them lose their skills.

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In the same news article, Dr. Mohammad Anwar…. Go to any restaurant and you will see couples not even talking to each other, but rather sitting there being alone together. What is it about our phones that we are so enamored by?

Long and Short Essay on Wonders of Science in English

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Essay Words Jan 3rd, 3 Pages. Show More. But, is everything about the mobile phone a blessing? Other "possible carcinogens," according to the WHO, include lead, exhaust from gasoline engines, chloroform, and coffee. But the report stated clearly that cell or mobile phones radiation might cause cancer to the human brain. Thirty one scientists from 14 countries, including the United States, spent a week poring over existing studies of which they added radio frequency electromagnetic fields to a long list of "possibly carcinogenic".

His world is broad, bright, easy and reasonably safe. Old-time physical exertion is no longer necessary for him. It is science that has brought about this "brave new world". This life of leisure and pleasure. In so far as science has done this, it is blessing. Let us first look at the bright side of the medal. It has discovered marvelous energies which run these machines.

Man need no longer toil and moil with his hands and legs.

Essay on Science and Technology

The machine does most of his work for him. It gives him leisure. The dream of a push-button existence has come true for him. Distance has been annihilated. Modern transport and communication have made the world shrink almost to nothing. Men and things and news and views can girdle the globe with lightning speed.

Words Essay on Science a Blessing or a Curse

Inter-planetary travel is now a certainty. We are now on the eve of colonizing new planets. Our lives have become healthier. Modern hygiene, sanitation, medicine and surgery are conquering more and more physical and mental ills day by day. No disease is beyond cure now. The longevity of life has increased. The quinine has finished malaria and glucose injections put a new life in a dying man.

Trains, motor cars, steamers, steamships and aeroplanes take us quickly and comfortably from one place to another within a short span of time. Man can fly in the air like a bird and swim in the ocean or under water like a fish. When science becomes our master, it is very destructive. Aeroplanes and ships can be misused for carrying war materials for destruction.

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  • The Wonders Of Modern Science or blessings Of Modern Science.

The aeroplanes can be used for dropping bombs on the innocent people. They can destroy beautiful buildings, cities, museums, dams, man, woman and children in no time. Railway trains can be misused for carrying armies, arm and weapons to enslave other people and countries.

Wireless, telegraph and telephone are very useful. Telephone and telegraph are the simplest means of sending news and information from one place to another. Wireless has done wonders. But all these things can be used for war propaganda as well. Science has done wonders in the field of medicine. New injections and medicines have come into use. Many fatal diseases can now he cured.

Abdulla Ether

But medical science has its dark side also. These medicines cause reactions and give birth to many unknown diseases.


Science has invented labour-saving devices. Lifts take us to the top of a lofty building in no time Cranes Iift up huge weights. Machines plough fields sow seeds and reap the harvest.

Essay on Wonders of Science

There are machines that do the work of hundreds or thousands of men. But man has become Science the slave of machines. Machines have given birth to capitalism. Machines and factories have thrown many labourers and craftsmen out of employment.

essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings
essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings
essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings
essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings
essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings
essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings
essay on science and its blessings Essay on science and its blessings

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