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They become more conscious. They try and come up with more Indian names. In most cases, this means the addition of Amar Chitra Katha to the list. The first books exclusively meant for children were written with the arrival of the British missionaries.

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Till independence the market was dominated by books imported from the west, apart from some regional magazines for children. Given the multifarious problems of publishing for children in India, the domain remained sparsely populated even till a few years back. The ones that existed focused more on themes that would sell. The immense popularity of Indian Commercial Fiction both as literary enterprise and as commercial venture has attracted global publishers: Penguin, Harper Collins, Hachette, Random House etc.

The incognito writer now has a face and more significantly, a voice.

Sisir Kumar Das, Suman Gupta, Buddhadev Bose, Tabish Khair amongst several others are the eloquent participants in the debate that blurs the hiatus between literary merit and commercial success. Today, the latter are not just names churning pulp at the altar of commerce. They are names to reckon with and are dismantling categories and rebuilding hierarchies.

What was dismissed earlier as low brow simply because it was popular can no longer be wished away and the fact that the reading public is just a mindless mass sans aesthetics holds no water in contemporary context. Indian Popular Commercial Fiction has spawned successful genres and formulas. In addition to the popular habitat occupied largely by Detective and Science fiction, today, Mythological Series, Chick Lit, Campus Novels and Fantasy Fiction have invaded book shelves and must-read lists not just in the vernacular and regional spaces but also in Indian English.

Erotic Fiction of course continues to remain a safe venture, be it in Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Maharashtra. Furthermore, the emergence of social media and new web spaces such as blogs, Tumblr etc. The key question also arises, what is the gratifying impulse behind this commercial success?

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Todorov while writing on whodunit mysteries said that the fact that popular literature is being referred to as some kind of literature is of course, a way of giving it the currency denied to it. So, in the last few decades, literary criticism has trained its lens on this cultural production with serious theoretical rigour and systematic textual and contextual engagement to examine the osmotic divides, expressive imperatives, urban phenomenon and libidinous urges enshrined in it.

This conference seeks to open the debate surrounding the potent, fertile and pulsating site visited by many: Indian Popular Fiction. Drawing on both the key aspects: literary and the commercial, the Conference attempts to explore the legitimacy, literariness and popularity of this terrain.

This is not just about giving the devil its due but perhaps acknowledging the vitality and tenacity of a huge terrain in the literary domain that academia can no longer ignore.

About the Journal

The conference will focus on all aspects of Indian Popular Fiction: The forms, authorship, reader base, and the publishing industry which govern most of what is written in postmodern times as well as the alternative routes offered by technology. We welcome critical perspectives, on the above theme or on one of the following tracks which are in no particular order:.

Who is writing for whom: The key connections between authorship and readership. Early submissions are welcome.

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In your proposal, please outline your presentation plan and any audio-visual and space needs. We also seek proposals for panels and workshops that address the central theme of the conference. Accepted abstracts will require a full draft paper, double-spaced, in not less than words and not exceeding words referenced according to the 7th edition of APA Stylesheet to be submitted electronically in MS-Word by December 31, Select papers presented at the conference will be published as part of a digital or paperback book.

Presentation time for the delegates will be of 15—20 minutes.

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The screening committee shall comprise of members of the Executive Board of Fortell and the Conference Committee. Delegates are required to pay registration fees of Rs Rupees One thousand only , which will entitle them to the conference kit and meals.

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Mode of payment will be via bank transfer latest by December 31, Bank Details for collection of Registration Fees are as given below: -. Bank Account Number : Last date for submission of abstract: December 15, Saturday. Intimation of acceptance: December 20, Thursday. Last date of submission of Full Paper: December 31, Monday. Doctoral researchers, academics and activists are invited to send proposals for papers and panels addressing one of the thematic sections listed below.

This section invites papers that address the following questions: In the context of South Asia, what are the contradictions for modernising societies associated with the re-emergence of nationalism? What are the political trends that are being shaped by nationalisms? What are the implications of current nation-building projects in the region?

What are the ongoing implications of past nation-building projects? Situating itself in the contemporary electoral landscape of South Asian politics, this section focuses on the political impact of recently held or scheduled general elections. This section invites papers that address the following topics: Do recent elections represent an ideological and material shift in the political systems of South Asia? Does the rise of right-wing and populist politics, reflected in the establishment of the electoral dominance of single parties — the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP in India or the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI in Pakistan — represent a political paradigm shift?

Papers on these topic areas can range from empirical studies on the general elections, electoral behaviour, and the influence of these elections on federal relations to theoretical reflections on whether the elections contribute to the creation of new dominant ideological frameworks in the region. Identity politics in South Asia today stands at an interesting threshold, which is in flux between co-operation and conflict, with different emerging nationalistic discourses in the region.

This section explores the construction of identities in both the macro and in the micro-politics of its operation. How are majoritarian identities framed vis-a-vis the minority identities? How are emotions, ideologies and sense of belongingness mobilised to create languages of solidarity and or languages of hate? Are there common parameters or spaces in which majority and minority identities intersect to assert themselves? At the various levels of this hierarchy, what affirms assertions in the interests of the competing identities?

This section applies these questions to an analysis of the contemporary debates around Refugee, Queer, Dalit and Indigenous tribal identities in South Asia, while examining the constructions and the contradictions that drive both the discourses of hate and of solidarity in these debates. The adoption of policies in response to the severity of climate change varies considerably across South Asia, this includes the adoption of different strategies when implementing similar environmental policies.

This section welcomes papers that address the following questions.

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What explains this cross-national variation in both policy adoption and implementation? The movies portray students drinking, smoking, sex, and fraternity initiations.

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Literature papers are of many kinds such as Literature essay, Literature term paper, Literature research paper, Literature thesis and Literature dissertation. If you have no research topic in mind, then your literature review may be quite broad and cover several different topics on your course to identity the call For Research Papers In English Literature In India most appealing and the best resourced in your university library.

Story telling. Obermeier s Sample Paper Files.

call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india
call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india
call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india
call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india
call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india
call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india
call for research papers in english literature in india Call for research papers in english literature in india

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