M.phil thesis in english literature

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But if you really like the subject of your research, it can be very rewarding, because you may suddenly discover yourself lots of books written in your favorite style.

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The second common set of literature review topics is authors and their works. Try not to turn your research paper into the biography. Focus on the literary heritage of the author, think about the impact the events of their life had on their writing. You may compare the ideas that the author shows us at the beginning and at the end of his literature path and analyze the changes that happened.

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Of course, you may pick just a single book, lots of them deserve an exclusive research. Just keep in mind that it will be very hard to add something new to the already conducted researches of the classical pieces of literature. Feel free to inspire from our research topics in english language and literature.

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m phil thesis

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http://prisma.prod.leadereq.ai/8608.php Cambridge is an outstanding place to work on modern and contemporary literature. Students and scholars benefit from world-class libraries, and from each other.

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You will be joining an academic community that is, at every level, extremely active in this period: undergraduates encounter post literature from their very first term, and the MPhil in English Studies: Modern and Contemporary Literature — which feeds the PhD programme —attracts exceptionally gifted students from around the Anglophone world. The PhD cohort itself is large in number, and diverse. No particular area or approach is preferred.

Faculty members who act as supervisors and advisors for doctoral dissertations names are listed below; individuals are happy to be approached about particular projects work on a great variety of topics and in varied ways. Proposals of all kinds are therefore welcome: on little-known as well as canonical authors, in thematic as well as stylistic studies, from innovative and interdisciplinary as well as from more traditional, cultural and literary-historical perspectives.

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In addition to the formal training offered as part of the PhD, there are excellent opportunities for the sorts of enriching conversations and collaborations that emerge informally, between fellow PhDs, MPhils and Faculty. Fortnightly seminars, for instance Nineteenth-Century ; Twentieth Century and Contemporary Literature , which combine internal and invited speakers, encourage discussions and relationships between the entire research community.

Twentieth Century and Contemporary Literature.

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m.phil thesis in english literature M.phil thesis in english literature
m.phil thesis in english literature M.phil thesis in english literature
m.phil thesis in english literature M.phil thesis in english literature
m.phil thesis in english literature M.phil thesis in english literature
m.phil thesis in english literature M.phil thesis in english literature

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