Othello is a tragic hero essay

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When Othello finally went through with his plan, the dying Desdemona reassures her faith to him. Othello believes Iago and his own false deductions instead of his own wife. She did not suspect that Othello would suspect her for an affair. In reality, Othello is a gullible person who is drawn into jealousy and falseness by Iago. Othello accomplished his plan of killing his wife and destroying a marriage that had no reason to be torn apart.

Desdemona was the victim of a plot by a gullible man driven into rage because of lies. When Emilia confronted Othello, he admits to killing his wife but said that she was untrue to him. An honest man he is, and hates the slime that sticks on filthy deeds.

Shakespeare’s Othello as a Tragic Hero

He believes Iago and his lies because he thinks that Iago is honest. Othello then finds out that Iago did not go through with his vow to kill Cassio. Othello told the officials his reasons for committing murder and that Iago told him of an affair.

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What you know, you know. From this time forth, I never will speak a word. He just simply made insinuations and suggestions about one.

Othello really does not know of an affair between Desdemona and Cassio, but his gullibility leads him to be overtaken with appearances. Othello does not make any real attempt to find out the truth. He relies on Iago to provide a picture of what he thought happened. His background of baseness makes him a weak minded person. Iago is an evil man who wanted to see the downfall of Othello. His tragic flaw, gullibility, the defining criteria of a tragic hero, makes Othello a man that he never thought he would be.

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Othello realizes that he became a person filled with rage and hatred, and only wants to resolve the chaos in his life by putting an end to the affair that he believes is going on. His most tragic play is Othello. Othello is also the name of the main character in the play, he is quite hard tounderstand.

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In order to have a better understanding of Othello's character,examining his changes throughout the play, flaws and why he is considered atragic hero will give the reader an insight of his overall personality. Othello changes many times throughout the course of the play. At thebeginning of the play Othello trusts Desdemona with everything, but throughoutthe play he loses confident in her because he listens to Iago's suggestionsabout her.

Othello as a Tragic Hero Essay

This tragic flaw can turn people from foes to enemies in a mater of seconds by either manipulation, or even just saying the right thing at the right time, that is able to break through someones emotional barricade. This unfortunate trait is always followed with anger no matter what the circumstance.

In order to be considered a tragic hero, one must ultimately be a genuine person, but makes some error in judgment that causes his downfall. A simple mistake or character flaw can bring them to an abrupt end, followed by a loss of everything they have. Although he is a prestigious character, he allows his surroundings to spin him into self-destruction. Othello: Othello A Tragic HeroIf one reads Shakespeare's Othello, they can come to the conclusion thatit might be one of the his most tragic plays ever written by Shakespeare.

Romeoand Juliet, is probably the most famous of his tragic plays, but Othello, hascharacteristics that, I think make it even more tragic then his other plays, andtherefore for that reason, you can say that Othello is the most tragic hero. Othello is a noble man, one who has grace with the ladies but alsopossesses all the virtues of a military leader that he is.

He is a general thatis experienced in battle. Iago's intelligence causes the self destruction of Othello. He appearsto be the most intelligent person in the play, Othello, by the way he acts andhandles some situations. Iago is set to plan revenge on Othello for not makinghim lieutenant.

He gains the trust of Othello by telling lies to him, andthese lies cause the destruction of Othello. Othello should have investigated on some of the outrageous things Iagohas told him. Iago is simply just trying to gain Othello's trust. This isshown when Iago talks about killing Roderigo because he was saying bad thingsabout Othello. Revenge is a constant theme throughout the play Othello.

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It is portrayed through the character Iago. Iago is determined to destroy Othello and his loved ones. This retribution is a result of Othello promoting Cassio to the position of lieutenant. The theme of revenge is the motivation of Iago's hatred toward Othello. In the beginning of the play, Iago feels betrayed by his good friend, Othello. Through many years of loyalty and service Iago is "[i]n personal suit to make [himself] [Othello's] lieutenant" Let us know! We'll take a look right away.


Othello: A Tragic Hero Essay

View Full Essay. More essays like this:. Not sure what I'd do without Kibin. Exactly what I needed. Most helpful essay resource ever! Generating Preview This preview is partially blurred. Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay. This tragic flaw is inborn to the main character. The tragic hero must be noble, having a higher stature than most men, must have a tragic flaw and this flaw must play the primary role in his downfall. In William Shakespeare's Othello, Othello is a tragic hero. Othello is a nobleman and a general in Cyprus. He lives in a mansion and has several people under his command.

Cassio is his lieutenant and Iago is his Ancient. Also, Othello is confident of his merit, his claim to respect and worth.

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  4. Othello, being a soldier all his life, is seen as a very honorable man. His title alone, governor-general, presents an air of nobility, confidence, and strength.

    othello is a tragic hero essay Othello is a tragic hero essay
    othello is a tragic hero essay Othello is a tragic hero essay
    othello is a tragic hero essay Othello is a tragic hero essay
    othello is a tragic hero essay Othello is a tragic hero essay
    othello is a tragic hero essay Othello is a tragic hero essay
    othello is a tragic hero essay Othello is a tragic hero essay

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