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Friends give us emotional support, they help us during difficult times and make us feel special. Blessed are those who have true friends in life. Here are some essays on Importance of Friends in our Life of varying lengths. You can choose any Importance of Friends in our Life essay as per the need:. Friends are extremely important for everyone. Whether it is a toddler, a teenager, a middle aged person or an old person — everyone needs good friends around to live life to the fullest. During childhood, friendship helps in making us understand and develop the habit of sharing and caring.

Small kids develop friendship faster and enjoy the company of their friends. They play and learn together.

To The Most Important Person In My Life: My Mom

Friends are important for their proper growth and development. As teenagers, friends become all the more important for us. We go through numerous emotional, physical and mental changes during our teenage. Many of the problems faced during this age cannot be discussed with our parents and other family members. However, we are quite comfortable sharing these with our friends. Having good friends who can listen to our issues and provide us support and guidance are indeed a blessing during this age. We have all heard about mid-life crisis. More and more people these days are suffering from this problem.

Their family, job, kids and almost everyone and everything around begins to appear as a burden to them at this age. Having good friends around at this time can help in bringing about positivity amid this emotional upheaval. Friends are equally important during old age. With the growing nuclear family system couples are left alone during their old age. If they have friends around, their life remains joyful and interesting instead of becoming dull.

Friends form an essential part of our lives. Life becomes more enjoyable and bearable when we have good friends around. Even one real friend can bring about a positive change in our life. Here is why friends are important:. True friends are extremely supportive of each other. They support one another at various levels.

Living with Children: Who are the most important people in your family?

They help in bringing out the best in each other by extending help when it comes to studies and other activities. My friends are always ready to share their notes with me whenever I miss out any class. This is a great help for me. They also act as an emotional support. Whenever I am down emotionally, I turn to my best friend.

Living with Children: Who are the most important people in your family?

She knows how to calm me and support me at such a time. Good friends are also our best guides. They are there to guide us at every step. Whenever I need advice regarding handling my relationships, managing my studies or participating in other activities my friends are there to guide me.

Describe the person in your family who you most admire - IELTS Speaking Part 2

They are also there to guide me whenever I break down emotionally. They help me look at the positives in life and shun the negativity. There is no denying the fact that having friends makes life more fun and enjoyable. Being around friends is extremely fun and exciting. I love going out on trips with friends.

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While I enjoy family trips too however the enjoyment on trips planned with friends is simply unmatched. Partying with friends, gossiping with them for hours, going for shopping and movies with them and indulging in crazy activities that only your group can understand is all extremely fun. I am lucky to have a crazy bunch of friends whose level of craziness matches mine all the way. They make my life amazing and so full of life. Friendship is known to be the most beautiful relationship in the world.

We choose our friends on our own unlike our family members and relatives who form a part of our lives whether or not we want them to. If you have even one good friend in life, you will know what I mean. Among other things, I cherish my friends for extending emotional support. There are numerous instances in life when we get emotional and just want to talk our heart out to somebody. There are many things that we cannot share with our parents and siblings for the fear of hurting them or invoking their anger.

This is when we can turn to our friends. Good friends are always there to listen to you endlessly. They are there for you during your difficult times when you have an emotional outburst. Sometimes, all we need is someone who can listen to us without passing any judgement and forming any opinions about us.

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This type of comfort level is only found in friends. They listen to us and help us get over that emotional phase. I remember the times when I have an argument with my mother or sister or get a scolding from my father or teacher for some reason, it becomes very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies until the things resolve.

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  • All I keep thinking about is that I should not have said or done things that led to such a situation. I almost break emotionally and go on a guilt trip. These are the times when I need my friends the most. I turn to them for advice to get things sorted. However, just venting out my feelings in front of them can make me feel much better. I know that I have someone whom I can fall back on whenever I am faced with an emotional situation. They may or may not be able to alter the situation however at least they help me overcome that guilty feeling by reminding me that I am just a human being and that I do not have to be too harsh on myself. I am lucky I have some really amazing friends around. They are my pillar of strength and as important to me as my family.

    Some of the other prompts also leave the door open for writing about an influential person. Any essay on an influential person needs to do much more than describe that person. The act of describing requires very little critical thought, and as a result, it doesn't demonstrate the kind of analytical, reflective, and thoughtful writing that will be required of you in college. There is nothing wrong with writing about one of your parents for this essay, but make sure your relationship with your parent is unusual and compelling in some way.

    The admissions folks get a lot of essays that focus on a parent, and your writing won't stand out if you simply make generic points about parenting. If you find yourself making points like "my Dad was a great role model" or "my mother always pushed me to do my best," rethink your approach to the question. Consider the millions of students who could write the exact same essay. In most cases, you should avoid writing an essay about the lead singer in your favorite band or the movie star who you idolize. Such essays can be okay if handled well, but often the writer ends up sounding like a pop culture junkie rather than a thoughtful independent thinker.

    Be sure to read Max's essay on an influential person. Max writes about a rather unremarkable junior high kid he encountered while teaching summer camp. The essay succeeds in part because the choice of subject matter is unusual and obscure. Among a million application essays, Max's will be the only one to focus on this young boy.

    Also, the boy isn't even a role model. Instead, he's an ordinary kid who inadvertently makes Max challenge his preconceptions. Keep in mind that a person can have a significant influence without having an entirely "positive" influence.

    describe the most important person in your life essay Describe the most important person in your life essay
    describe the most important person in your life essay Describe the most important person in your life essay
    describe the most important person in your life essay Describe the most important person in your life essay
    describe the most important person in your life essay Describe the most important person in your life essay
    describe the most important person in your life essay Describe the most important person in your life essay

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