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Your personal statement should reflect your own ideas and be written by you alone. Breaking through their emotional walls became my goal.

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For a year, I visited the kids daily. With every dance class and tutoring session, I sensed their walls slowly crumbling.

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One morning, she smiled meekly, ushering me into her room, where she showed me her beloved doll. As a leader, I learned that bestowing hope onto others can show them that making a difference stems from within. A year later, I waved bye to the motivated children as I moved back to the States.

Shoes stomping on concrete in an awkward rhythm and sweat dripping from my jaw, I labored across the finish line. I stood tall, sticking my chest out only to realize that I was the last finisher. Just as men drive Ferraris to flaunt their power, being the fastest runner in middle school meant respect from boys and giggles from girls. Belly jiggling, I ran away from taunts being hurled in my direction. As a former player returning to serve as basketball coach 2 years later, I had a unique perspective compared to my colleagues, giving me a unique leadership advantage: unlike older coaches, I was close in age to my players, allowing me to better connect with them.

I understood that young boys thrived on competition, so I focused on team scrimmages, which encouraged my players to play fiercely against each other. While other coaches relaxed on the sidelines, I stood in the center, shouting words of encouragement. Instead of telling my players to run one measly lap, I personally led them on half-mile runs, insisting that running was important because it teaches mental perseverance alongside physical fitness.

As a leader, I practiced what I preached, doing pushups as punishment on the rare occasions I was tardy. Despite being an ambitious basketball coach, I had realistic expectations for my players. Realizing that there is much perseverance and dedication involved with basketball, I utilized the sport as a method to nurture my players into responsible young men.

Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side. To achieve this goal of channel expansion, I hunted for an answer to one question: what strategies did my competitors employ to gain more views and subscribers? I spent 5 years trying to answer this question. Eventually, I realized the answer was simple: I was too hyperfocused on montage videos—compiled of the most exciting gameplay moments.

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Video montages were a crowded niche; competing with established channels would be quite an ambitious undertaking. Thus, I began experimenting with other types of videos, such as video game reviews, which turned out successful. Understanding which upcoming games people are excited about is critical in making game review videos.

My channel was getting bigger because audiences of gamers wanted to hear judgments on upcoming games before spending their cash. After some time, I attracted enough viewers to expand into other areas of video game-related content. My understanding now is that, in all areas of business—including programming—improving a product visually and functionally is just as vital as actually making it.

By making videos and exercising my creative side, I learned that it is only by combining the technical side of a product with a good presentation of it to consumers that true commercial success can be achieved.

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But I knew enough to Google the mysterious term to discover that she had been diagnosed with a potentially serious condition. Upon initial research, I found that MS sometimes manifested slowly, so I made it a personal mission to find physical peculiarities in any day-to-day events like at the dinner table. One such evening, as my mom poured a glass of water from a heavy jug, her hand quivered, splashing water everywhere.

She shook it off as an accident, but I sensed something was off. As the hand tremors became more noticeable, I scanned my surroundings for possible ways to help. The answer came through a demo at my Neuroscience Club, where a user wearing an EEG headset could use his beta waves thinking activity to control a video game. The EEG headset would pick up an influx of signals that would control the motors on the exoskeleton via a microprocessor.

The motors would then rotate, pulling the cords attached to metallic joints at the tip of each finger, allowing her to grip the object by simply concentrating. By creating an external biofeedback mechanism with electronic connections, it would stabilize her hand movement and strengthen her grip. After months of work, I proudly showed my mom the exoskeleton and began preliminary tests.

Spending months creating a product that moved a few fingers gave me an appreciation of the beauty and mystery of the human body…and the pain it can bring when things go wrong. Ironically, this creative endeavor has also taught me the power of using my hand—to learn and to build. Art itself is a nuanced word, possessing evolving meanings throughout my life. As a boy, art meant drawing Power Rangers.

Unlike other forms of communication like news articles or Twitter, there are certain liberties artists can leverage to convey their opinions because people approach artwork open mindedly. Instead of condemning a piece as offensive, viewers often deem artwork to be insightful. Thus, through color and lines, I express my queer thoughts without fear of retribution. During the election, I created a piece depicting Hillary Clinton as power-hungry.

I realized then that artwork serves as a battlefield, in which discussion is encouraged yet the original intent of the art is not criticized. Inspired by Alan Turing, a mathematician who dedicated his life to crack the German enigma code, I wanted to portray the notion of sacrifice for the sake of a job. To convey this, I covered a mannequin face with pieces of heart playing cards and planted test tubes around its skull.

After making these 2 conceptual pieces, I realized my true talent lies in my thoughts. While there are many artists in the world who can draw and paint better than I, my thoughts are inimitable. What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time? A bag of stale bread crackled as my mom and I walked hand-in-hand to [name] lake. It was duck feeding time, marking the beginning of my Sunday ritual at age 8. She had reached the lake before we did, and stood motionless with her eyes glued to the landscape, painting. I loved observing how she observed her surroundings.

Enthralled, I enrolled in art classes. As a student fascinated by human behavior, I was drawn to sketching people in real life. During freshman year, I was invited to study art in Manhattan.

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  • I proudly displayed my works to the Artist-in-Residence, [name]. So began the most artistically grueling 6 weeks of my life. Everyday, I reinterpreted my sketches to what I hoped was completion; everyday, [name] shook his head. However, I was getting close and developing my own sense of style.

    One day, as I sat on a bench in Times Square, sketching, I noticed how hurried everyone was; I felt a sense of urgency simply by watching. But, it was unfinished with a purpose: it truly captured the essence of my subjects. Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced.

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    My friends blast Drake in the car, heads bobbing to the rhythm as we drive to Chipotle. Sophomore year, I event created a sodium battery by transforming algae in river water for a science fair, winning me []. Eventually, I was put in touch with a post-doctoral student on the project, leading to a summer internship where I studied liquid battery electrodes. My first day, I received a stack of Dr.

    personal essay for uc application Personal essay for uc application
    personal essay for uc application Personal essay for uc application
    personal essay for uc application Personal essay for uc application
    personal essay for uc application Personal essay for uc application
    personal essay for uc application Personal essay for uc application

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