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Also the fact that Brassington and Pettitt argue that television is better for creating an advertisement message with emotional appeals, contributes to our concentration to television advertisements.

Analysis Essay On An Advertisement (Writing Guide)

Analysis of an Advertisement In people lives, they often see advertisements everywhere. People have different views. Some people think that ads can help them know the new products faster, and also they will provide more information about the new products for audiences. Consumers will choose things well by comparing the products.

However, some people don 't support ads. Because there are too many ads and they may make people feel bored and unhappy. Some ads.

Television Advertisement

And recently have you ever went to a convenient store and purchased a pack of cigarette? Nowadays advertisement of fast food, tobacco and alcohol product are catchy in magazines, newspapers, TV commercials or bus stop stations and it seems these products have become part of our daily lives.

Fast food, tobacco and alcohol products are advertised as. The advertising industry in India is changing at a very fast pace. The promotional techniques that are now being used by the companies is focusing on a social cause and using common people as their brand representatives rather than using celebrity. First of all, an owl is perched on the back of a park bench, adjacent to a lady.

The Old Spice Meeting Ad advertises a new men hair care line.

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The setting of the advertisement is in a meeting room where a presentation is being given. In the meeting room there is only one female. The one male and female are flirting with each other.

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  • Incorporate your thesis statement in your introduction. Body-paragraphs expound on your thesis statement. This aids in building your argument by utilizing other smaller arguments. When composing your body-paragraphs, you must ensure each paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Topic sentences are subsequently followed by supporting sentences which provide evidence or support to your topic sentences.

    When composing your body-paragraphs, begin by using topic sentences. Cite any information that is not your original idea. Mention some strategies utilized in the ad to make it more alluring to the audience.

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    Provide textual strategies utilized in the advert. In your conclusion, wrap your thought up or provide a summary of your essay including the main arguments you use. You also need to rephrase your thesis statement. Make it memorable.

    For your advertisement critique essay , follow the following tips as you compose your conclusion: sum up your essay by providing a concise summary of your paper. Rephrase your thesis. Offer recommendations on how the ad could be improved. The commercial appeals to women more than men. This is important because it does not rely on the attractiveness of the model and the setting, but on sensational, emotional responses presenting how perfect men should translate into the reality the ideal image of who a man should be and what he should smell like to attract a wider audience.

    The advertisement uses a reliable strategy of sexuality. Sexually themed advertisements appeal to not only men and women but to a wider audience. Using such themes is the surest way to attract more people to use the product. Normally, these advertisements focus on men who are physically attractive to try and sell their products, with the implication that the product will give an entire lifestyle, not simply a way to smell good.

    After review, the advertisement giving appropriate evidence to support the claim the next step of the analysis is to wrap up by reviewing the key points of the analysis.


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    The conclusion of the analysis should be a brief summary justifying if the advertisement has achieved its objectives. The Old Spice ad is successful because it makes a good impression on people and makes the audience believe that smelling good can be attractive. The advertisement carefully uses sex appeal, making it attractive for both men and women. Mixing the right amount of humor makes it stand out because of its no offensive. The advertisement presents an ideal man as good looking, masculine and romantic.

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