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The Banners system continued to reinforce Manchu values and elitism through the 17th and 18th century, though it was diluted by the admission of non-Manchu Chinese.

Their extinction, however, cannot be long delayed. Because if they do not amalgamate, they must struggle; and when they struggle, one side must lose. Victory or defeat depends entirely upon who is superior or inferior. Today, as between the Manchus and the Han, it takes no expert to establish which is the superior race and which is the inferior.

The s was the high point of Qing rule.

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Some of the early Qing emperors were reformers who introduced new methods of control but complemented them with progressive economic and social reforms. Internal trade flourished under the Qing and the middle and manufacturing classes — artisans, storekeepers, goods hauliers and money lenders — flourished and grew in number.

New methods of rice farming were developed, while new crops such as corn were imported, grown and harvested. In general terms, the s were much less successful for both the Qing and their subjects. The high living standards of the previous century contributed to a sharp increase in population. This spike produced an increase in population density, which became severe in some eastern provinces.

It also created an excess of labour, land shortages, inadequate food production and several famines. The Chinese working classes were also affected by high levels of taxation and an alarming degree of corruption by Qing officials. The growing unhappiness with Qing rule fuelled peasant unrest through the 19th century.

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The Taiping Rebellion in Guangxi province, south-eastern China, was motivated both by dissatisfaction with the Qing and the Christian beliefs of rebel leaders. This rebellion was eventually suppressed by the imperial government, though it took more than 12 years and cost millions of lives. The most potent threat to Qing authority, however, came from beyond. In the late s, European maritime powers like Great Britain began seeking commercial agreements, trading rights and access to ports in China.

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Among the surge of foreign arrivals in China were hundreds of Christian missionaries, intent on proselytising [promoting their religion] and converting non-Christian Chinese. Eager to engineer a favourable balance of trade, the British were aggressive in encouraging and expanding the sale of opium, a narcotic drug made from poppies, within China.

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Both conflicts were disastrous for China. Not only were the Opium Wars finalised with costly and humiliating treaties, they also exposed the backwardness and inadequacy of the Qing military.

With respect for the Qing in rapid decline, the gates were opened for reformists and revolutionaries to demand change. It was initiated in by the Manchu, an ethnic group from the north who invaded Beijing and ousted the incumbent Ming Dynasty.

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forbidden city essay questions Forbidden city essay questions
forbidden city essay questions Forbidden city essay questions
forbidden city essay questions Forbidden city essay questions
forbidden city essay questions Forbidden city essay questions
forbidden city essay questions Forbidden city essay questions

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