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Kritzinger, Jana Alida University of Pretoria , The application of analytical procedures has become an integral part of the audit process and indications are that the application of these procedures will increase in audits of the future. The factors that are causing Dorey, Frank C.

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University of Pretoria , With the implementation of more and more stringent measures to prevent money laundering, criminals are resorting to the expertise of lawyers for assistance in the formulation of increasingly complex money laundering schemes. Lewis, Izelle University of Pretoria , Internal auditors are playing a vital role in the corporate governance structure of an increasing number of organisations and are a fundamental component of the combined assurance task force. The objective of this study Wilkinson, Naomi University of Pretoria , The concept of organisational governance has been researched and debated by many.

However, the concept of organisational governance maturity and what exactly this entails has received significantly less attention. It is Janse van Rensburg, J.

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Jacobus Oosthuizen University of Pretoria , The South African public sector faces significant challenges that impact on its ability to deliver services to the public. There are several parties that can assist the public sector in addressing these challenges. Fourie, Houdini University of Pretoria , The research for this study was guided by the question whether an internal audit educational expectation gap exists between the level of work-readiness skills expected by employers in internal audit practice, and the actual The reporting of the financial results of an organisation is the responsibility of the management of that organisation.

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However, value may be added to the financial statements by the auditing of such financial statements Modisagae, Thapelo University of Pretoria , The dilemma of money laundering is an undeniable problem faced by many institutions all over the world. Due to its prevalence, the need for organisations to deal with the problem has become a global priority, regardless Foxcroft, Liezl University of Pretoria , Ahlers, Christelle University of Pretoria , Politically exposed persons have become a specific risk factor in money laundering.

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  4. The Financial Action Task Force has formulated clear and specific requirements for dealing with these individuals. Internationally, various Nagiah, Kanthi University of Pretoria , The ultimate objective Lloyd, Morthimer James University of Pretoria , Die gevolge van 'n belastingpligtige se handelinge word binne die belastingreg beoordeel aan die hand van verskillende maatstawwe. Master's Degree Programme in Business Studies fi. Degree Programme in Politics. Bachelor's Degree Programme in Politics fi.

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    Master's Programme in Politics fi. Master's Degree Programme in Audit and Evaluation. Master's Programme in Auditing and Evaluation fi.

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    Master's Degree Programme in Business Competence. Master's Degree Programme in Business Competence en. Master's Degree Programme in Media Management.

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    Master's Programme in Russian and European Studies. Master's Programme in Russian and European Studies en. Thematic modules fi. Optional Studies in Politics fi.

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