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Advice & Sample Questions - Bar Examination Preparation - LibGuides at Drake University Law Library

I just sat the bar exam. Does anyone know if there are any states out there that either. Let you take only Multiple Choice no essays required at all or 2. October edited November Post edited by newlaw on November Any states NOT require Essays??? Demosthenes49 replies 4 threads Registered User Senior Member. October My understanding is that an MBE score almost never transfers to a different state, unless you either passed the bar for the previous state, or you sat for two bar exams concurrently.

My very blunt advice is to improve on your essays - a LOT.

Bar Examination Preparation: Advice & Sample Questions

If your MBE score didn't carry you over into passing, then you are either in a state with a very high passing score, or you really bombed those essays. Yes, you will lose a few points, but you'll still get the majority of the points for that essay. Most states use the distinctions as fodder for essay questions. They take place approximately three to four weeks before each administration of the Texas Bar Examination.

The Texas Board of Bar Examiners BLE is the state judicial agency charged with determining whether applicants seeking admission to practice law in Texas meet the requirements established by the Texas Supreme Court.

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All law students who plan to practice in Texas should consult the BLE website; it contains information essential for anyone applying for admission to practice in Texas. Its mission includes producing uniform and standardized examinations for testing the competency of applicants for admission to practice law. The NCBE website provides information about each of the exams.

It also provides access to some sample exams.

Study Aids for the MEE

STCL Houston does not endorse any particular commercial bar preparation course. Nevertheless, the law school has evaluated bar exam performance data for many years, and it is clear that those students who enroll in a commercial bar review course on average perform better than those who do not do so. The law school encourages every student to examine what each of the commercial bar review courses provides to determine which one provides the combination of products, services, and price that best meets his or her needs.

There are four popular providers that offer comprehensive bar preparation courses in Texas. The course includes written outlines, simulated bar exams, and exam-writing workshops. Formative self-assessment is arguably the most important element of effective practice testing. This entails reviewing your practice test scores and grader feedback, figuring out what you did wrong, and studying those concepts more.

Rinse, and repeat.

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Useful memorization techniques are integral to a successful bar exam study strategy. This may include learning clever mnemonics, or even teaching recently reviewed material to someone else. And on the MEE, it is appropriate to label or number each paragraph. Use active voice — Legalese jargon combined with the passive voice makes for an insufferable reading experience, even for a lawyer. Even abstract theories of law are grounded in facts. For the bar exam, we can extend this to include needless ideas and points.

How to Write a Bar Exam Essay: 5 Keys to Essay Success

You simply do not have the time. Toss that grenade and slow-motion strut away from the explosion with heat at your heels. Avoid succession of loose sentences — Each sentence should contribute something vital to the story your analysis tells. In fact, do the opposite. Be Clear —Especially when crafting legal analysis, the importance of clarity cannot be overstated. Do not take shortcuts at the cost of clarity — We'll shout it one more time for the people in the back: Clarity is of the utmost importance! This counts especially for abbreviations and assumptions. Skip them both.

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  7. Prefer the standard to the offbeat — The bar exam is not a personality test. Know Your Audience To avoid misdirected communication, create an imaginary persona to represent your essay grader.

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    Breathe Multiple-choice questions tell graders what you do not know. Pieper Bar Review With more than 40 years of experience preparing students for all sections of the UBE, Pieper Bar Review places a heavy emphasis on ensuring its enrollees develop comprehensive essay-writing skills to help them score high on the MEE. Recent News.

    scoring high on bar exam essays book Scoring high on bar exam essays book
    scoring high on bar exam essays book Scoring high on bar exam essays book
    scoring high on bar exam essays book Scoring high on bar exam essays book
    scoring high on bar exam essays book Scoring high on bar exam essays book
    scoring high on bar exam essays book Scoring high on bar exam essays book
    scoring high on bar exam essays book Scoring high on bar exam essays book

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