Thesis on renal failure

Patients were divided into five renal function strata based on estimated glomerular filtration rate eGFR. The mortality risk increased with decreasing eGFR and persisted after adjusting for differences in baseline characteristics, severity of heart disease and medical treatment. Conclusions In unselected HF patients, half of the patients have at least moderate renal dysfunction. There is a strong graded association between renal dysfunction and both short- and long-term outcome.

Complications of CKD

List of papers: I. Prevalence and prognostic impact of kidney disease on heart failure patients.

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Publish Date October 4, Relative risk for death associated with opioids higher at lower estimated glomerular filtration rate. Publish Date October 7, Aneurysms detected by presymptomatic screening, more frequent in those with hypertension, smoking. Publish Date September 25, Publish Date September 24, Associations between ESRD and pesticide exposures were estimated with Cox proportional hazard regression models controlling for age at enrollment, state of enrollment applicator analyses only , and personal use of any pesticide wives analyses only.

We identified and ESRD cases diagnosed between enrollment and 31 December among pesticide applicators and wives, respectively. Among applicators, ESRD risk was elevated with use of the fungicide metalaxyl, and the herbicides imazethapyr, paraquat, and petroleum oil, with positive exposure-response trends observed for paraquat, pendimethalin, and the insecticide chlordane.

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Medical visits due to pesticide use were associated with ESRD. Among wives who never applied pesticides, ESRD risk was significantly associated with husbands' ever use of paraquat and butylate, with a positive exposure-response trend observed for husband's cumulative use of these pesticides.


ESRD incidence rates were lower among applicators and wives compared to the general population. Our findings support a possible association between ESRD risk and chronic exposure both direct and indirect to certain pesticides and suggest that pesticide exposures resulting in medical visits may increase the risk of incident ESRD. Parents: This work has no parents.

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Chronic Renal failure stages.& End stage renal failure. Part 1
Thesis on renal failure
Thesis on renal failure
Thesis on renal failure
Thesis on renal failure
Thesis on renal failure
Thesis on renal failure

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