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Skills that are vital parts of a functioning society According to Steven Syverson, in the test was renamed as Scholastic Assessment Tests in an effort to reflect the changing nature of the test Jonathan Epstein notes that by , the acronym was removed completely, keeping only the initials SAT 9.

The United States Department of Education reports that the Scholastic Assessment Test [known as SAT] measures your ability rather than knowledge and is composed of three sections: writing, critical reading, and math Two major types of standardized tests are currently in use; norm-referenced and criterion-referenced.

A norm-referenced test is a test that has been given to representative samples of students such that norms of performance are established. Each student taking the test receives a score that can be compared to the norm or normal or sample of students. The scores are then reported in percentiles I really didn't enjoy taking the SATs Good Essays words 1. These tests, many would argue, appear to be bias toward minorities, and especially Hispanic students.

More specifically though, the SAT is apparently under great scrutiny since it has long lasting, controversial effects on these students. These tests vary from state to state in all grade levels. However, these tests are believed to be biased towards those students who come from higher-class neighborhoods, simply because they have more educational resources.

Free Essays words 1. Increasingly, standardized tests are being used to make major decisions about students, such as grade promotion or high school graduation, and schools. More and more often, they also are intended to shape the curriculum and instruction.

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Students across America have had to repeat classes because of the way standardized tests are used to pass or fail students The problems, or shall we say challenges, that a writing instructor faces can include, but are not limited to, the validity of standard assessment tools, state regulations for the style of composition taught, institutional standards set forth by the particular district one teaches in, the common problem of structure versus content in assessment, and the unchangeable issues students deal with at home and in their previous writing courses Powerful Essays words 6.

This shocking statistic points to the shortcoming in the American education system. An education should be comprised of an array activities that foster an curiosity and excitement for learning. Learning by definition is, "the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something" "Learning".

How can one test score evaluate how much a child has learned in an entire school year Standardized tests are used to assess students and teachers, however some people object the idea that the performance on a single test is a valid measure of what a student has learned, or what their teacher has taught them.

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In this paper I will argue that relying solely on standardized testing for student placement damages education One reason for that is because good students are not always good test takers. A student could be the smartest person in the class, but still get the lowest grade on the ACT purely because they do not do well in a testing setting.

It makes no sense to give the school that receives a lower percentage ranking, a lower amount of money. Money can certainly help with education and thinking that giving a school less money for doing a poorer job on a standardized test will help the school, just does not make sense. Although it may seem like a good idea to give a bunch of students the same test and see how each one does, it is not that simple. The results do not represent how smart a student is or a student's potential to do great things in the real world. In taking a standardized test one student may have a greater advantage over another for many reasons.

Reasons that are not shown in the standardized test score Term Papers words 3. Standardized tests vary depending on the state. So much emphasis is placed on passing these tests that students spend more time worrying about it the consequences they will face if they fail, than actually preparing for the exam.

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Is this test a true reflection of a students knowledge. I will discuss in this paper what the arguments on both sides are for standardized testing. Better Essays words 1. Presently, the deciding factor for which path students will travel is the conditions and environment provided to students by the previous generation.

For example, Finland is one of the most successful countries in creating proper educational settings for students to excel when it comes to world competition Politicians have made this issue a campaign debate. When there is a problem in the education system, teachers are the first to be blamed. They are left with the responsibility of proving they are teaching what needs to be taught. States as well as the federal government use standardized testing to assess learning Powerful Essays words 7.

Construct validity is a term that refers to the degree to which an assessment measures what it is intended to measure. Therefore, it is plain to see that college aptitude tests are too narrow-minded and short-focused. However, one must also consider the relationship between family income and test scores in this controversy Term Papers words 4.

These types of test include questions in a form of an essay, short answers, multiple choices, or a combination of these together and are given out as early as in kindergarten. This practice has been used for so long that it has become a part of the American culture. Every year, high school juniors and seniors worldwide take the SAT or the ACT in the hope that they score high enough to get into their dream school We are not really educating our students anymore.

We are merely teaching them to pass a test. This is wrong. With all the standardized tests that are placed within a learning environment, there is no room to grow or be an innovator of success Better Essays words 5 pages Preview. They have tried to come up with strategic ways to change their ranking, like standardized tests. This is an administered test over certain subjects like Math, English, History, and Science, and the form is the same for all test takers. They were not the first country to develop this method; in fact, this method was inspired from other countries that appeared to be doing better than them and still remain ranked at the bottom Over the last ten years, I noticed schools have been requiring students to take a more standardized test like, the Keystones, to pass high school.

With that, colleges request you to send them your SAT or ACT scores to see if you reach the requirements to get accepted. Do these tests show these schools your intelligence and the success you will have.

So why do these schools spend so much money, and put so much pressure one students to do good on these test if they don 't measure one 's knowledge correctly A study conducted in a high school in Fremont, California found that a shocking 54 percent of students showed symptoms of depression, and 80 percent also suffered from symptoms of anxiety. These alarming findings are not just limited to the high school--according to the to a report from the American Psychological Association, forty-five percent of high school students reported experiencing extreme stress during the school year The discussion of the validity of standardized tests has caught my attention in recent years being a predominant figure in the news and on social media sites Powerful Essays words 5.

While the struggling students are simply carried from one grade to the next. The No Child Left Behind Act is great in theory but is too heavily reliant on standardized tests and percentages and not enough about what the students actually learn. Being a survivor of NCLB I have had firsthand experience with this topic and from an above average students point of view it really deterred me from wanting to push myself further and eventually lead to me falling into the average category as my high school career came to an end Powerful Essays words 4.

The role of a principal in building trust in the process of change would help teachers and students to believe in adaptation. Adaptation considered as an important tool for a school principal to overcome difficulties Fiedler, Then there were more and more changes in testing and still today teachers focus more on what the test will be about rather than subject matter.

Standardized Testing: Fair or Not?

Now teachers have to teach for a new test and set of questions. The crux of the matter is if you keep changing things around your end result will be different. You will get different results and the percentage rate of passes and failures will be significantly different Imagine a world where the future of a particular child all depends on what they receive on a single exam score.

Then, imagine having that score analyzed, compared, and shared with school officials statewide. In reality, this is happening, and in many times, for the wrong purpose and has largely contributed to falsely claimed assumptions of students due to the inaccuracy of these scores. Standardized testing, the definition is in the word itself; any test given in the same environment, to the appropriate age group, and based solely on specific standards that were hoped to be mastered by students Although I concede that standardized test scores and the quality of teachers should be considered in curriculum reform, I still insist that the reform should also concentrate on the students themselves.

Therefore, improving teaching effectiveness is crucial in curriculum reform because it focuses on evaluating the achievements of students as well as the efficiency in their learning in class.

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Research Papers words 9. Post-secondary teachers also conduct research and publish books "Postsecondary Teachers". Most importantly post-secondary teachers help students gain knowledge in a specific course. Although the process of becoming a post-secondary teacher is long, to become a professor, a person needs to have a high level of education, be conscious of job marketability, and the end result will be rewarding.

So once these senior students finally develop a plan, why is it that they may not be able to achieve what they desire. Colleges and universities today are becoming more and more competitive, sometimes to the point of exclusive. With that it is fair to say that entrance to certain schools may be more difficult and extensive than the others based on popularity and demand. When this happens, colleges are looking for the best of the best in academics, the student who will represent and be the best for their institution Good Essays words 7. This is a disturbing truth to me, because if they cannot read this paper, then what can they read.

There are many factors, which have led to the failed education system of the United States. Some of the key factors that have led to this ongoing problem have connections with this financial hardship we are facing. Teachers and schools budgets are being cut which is harshly affecting education. Schools are leaning towards standardized tests to determine if a student has learned what they should have learned through the curriculum Different states place different weight on their standardized testing results where some states differ their funding based on results and annual improvement, whereas other states allow schools to simply gauge where their students are scoring relative to other schools in the state.

These tests, however, are only standardized within one state.

Standardized Tests Are Not A Fair

I completed my after project using a 5th grade girl. She goes by the name of Nevaeh Jenkins. She is years-old and attends Pope Elementary in Arlington.

essays on standardized tests Essays on standardized tests
essays on standardized tests Essays on standardized tests
essays on standardized tests Essays on standardized tests
essays on standardized tests Essays on standardized tests
essays on standardized tests Essays on standardized tests

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