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1. Introduction

Three that are valid and deserving of protection, and one that is no longer necessary and justly banned. In North America, some native people and a few others still engage in subsistence hunting. To ban all hunting would be to ban the very traditions on which these cultures are based, and in effect extinguish them.

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Chumash Indians Research Papers discuss these group of Indians background, and where they originated. The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber Research Papers discuss the life of a couple that is not happily married that went on a hunting expedition.

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    This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here. She and her co-authors decided it was time to break the silence and highlight an issue they suspect may underpin the public discomfort around trophy hunting -- that it involves a hunter paying a fee to kill an animal and subsequently retaining some or all of the animal's body as a trophy.

    Perceptions of Hunting and Hunters by U.S. Respondents

    Part of the ongoing problem, the researchers write, is the word "trophy," a sanitized expression for the tusks, ears, feet, heads, etc. It's like we recognize it's an ethically loaded topic but we don't know what to do about it. And we've tied conservation to the practice of trophy hunting -- how do we get off that train? Proponents argue that trophy hunting supports conservation goals by generating money and reducing poaching and also that it bolsters local economies.

    Carnivoran hunting style and phylogeny reflected in bony labyrinth morphometry

    Nelson, Batavia and their co-authors recognize these benefits, but they counter that "collecting bodies or body parts as trophies is an ethically inappropriate way to interact with individual animals, regardless of the beneficial outcomes that do or do not follow. If it's determined that saving wildlife is inexorably linked to trophy hunting, conservationists should then "accept the practice only with a due appreciation of tragedy, and proper remorse," the researchers write.

    They do acknowledge the possibility that future scientific research may suggest trophy hunting is in fact critical to the conservation mission in certain contexts. Trophy hunting violates the dignity of individual nonhuman animals, and is beneath our dignity as human beings. Continuing complicity by conservationists without fully exhausting other options is not now appropriate nor has it ever been. Materials provided by Oregon State University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

    Science News. Darimont, Paul C.


    Paquet, William J. Ripple, Arian D.

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    The elephant head in the room: A critical look at trophy hunting. Conservation Letters , ; e DOI:

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