Great b2b social media case studies

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Aventura Mall , for example, creates custom-made videos for seasonal promotions.

5 Social Media Campaign Examples From Big Brands You Want to Be In 2018

With so much competition in their area, Aventura made its content stand out with the use of bright colours and videos. HubSpot is known for its amazing library of resources — and it is this that makes them stand out even more in social media.

Case Study: 3 B2B Social Media Success Stories

Sharing useful and relevant tips and industry news not only makes them a go-to for information, but they also spice it up with catchy images and videos that also get a ton of engagement. Telling stories through social media is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. IBM does a great job at amplifying their social media presence by sharing stories of the people who use their technology to improve their day-to-day life.

On top of sharing industry and product updates, Intel hinges on social media engagement as well through win-a-new PC contests and campaigns. These are always popular, drive likes and shares and helps the brand interact with their audience.

The Best of B2B Marketing Content: 10 Examples

It is no secret that posting on specific times of the day lead to better engagement. Using timing analytics helps you boost more traffic, promote brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales on different social media platforms. The best time to post is from to AM and to PM. But running Facebook Ads is different from running sponsored content on Instagram or Twitter. This is why it helps to understand the purpose of your campaign and know your audience so it is easier to decide on the right platform that gives you the best results.

Although Facebook boasts of the largest users, for the B2B market, it is ideal to set your social media strategy on LinkedIn to take advantage of its large professional and business network. Read next:. Visatvu Solutions is a business management software firm that caters to oilfield services. Their use of display ads and sponsored inmail drove results that led to capturing 19 out of 20 leads in just the first week. Many B2B players doing well on social media rely on marketing automation software to save on time and resources.

From scheduling social media posts to automating responses to comments and queries, these platforms help you maintain consistency. Here are some of the most commonly used marketing automation platforms you can choose from today:.

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Agora Pulse - features a comprehensive set of social media automation tools, schedule content throughout six social networks, collaborate with your team, track and measure performance through smart analytics. HubSpot - offers a full platform for marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM that features its own marketing, sales, and service hubs.

Return on Investment Projection

Great for increasing traffic, connecting, closing, and managing leads. HootSuite - one of the most widely used, has an easy-to-use post scheduler, allows you to track your social media performance, features an advanced search that allows you to search for influencers, comes with an inbuilt advanced analytics.

Buffer - features an easy-to-use content scheduler, offers one of the most comprehensive analytics.

No matter what social media strategy works best for your business, it is important to have the means to measure results for you to gauge what campaigns are working. This helps you save on costs and helps your team align on the KPIs that matter.

10 Exceptional B2B Content Marketing Examples

Knowing the goals and these metrics helps you to decide on the best social media analytics platform to use. Yet Maersk boasts of a growing social media presence not only on Facebook 3. Is a social media strategy important for B2B brands, and do you need it? Many top B2B brands today prove that you do. There is no contest. To succeed in your B2B marketing efforts and to be relevant today, you need a strong online presence. The results for these brands speak for themselves. When done right, social media can indeed be a powerful tool.

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Tagged: Digital , Social Media. Comments 0. Digital , Social Media. Define Your Purpose To set the groundwork for a successful social media strategy, you need to have a clear understanding of your purpose. This means asking yourself these questions: Why do you want to be on social media in the first place, and how does social media help you achieve your overall business strategy? Who is your target audience? Which social media platforms are they likely to be using? Facebook lets you target people based on job title, company, etc. LinkedIn is much smaller than the other two.

Facebook ads are prominent enough for a lot of people to click. Google also does a good job with this.

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  5. Facebook has the lowest cost per click. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Content Marketing.

    B2B Social Media Marketing: Effective or Not?

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    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    great b2b social media case studies Great b2b social media case studies
    Great b2b social media case studies

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