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If you use parenthetical citations, than you need to list the full information for each source you use in a list of references at the end of your paper. You can title this list References Cited or Bibliography. For each book or published source you use, give the author last name first , title, edition, place of publication, and date.

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Miller, Mary Ellen. The Art of Mesoamerica. Typically, such acts occur in relation to examinations. Because of the increased difficulty of the following two essay choices and the need for you to do extra research and probably to take up more pages as well , if you choose to do one of them AND if you get a grade of A on it, you get ten extra points to be added to your in-class slide exam score. Midterm Exam: Take Home Essay.

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Questions: The art of Paleolithic Europe was created by a prehistoric culture that left no written records, making the interpretation of this art difficult maybe even impossible for modern archaeologists and art historians. Using lecture notes, the text, and any legit outside sources, state and explain the theories we covered in class that have been suggested to explain the meaning of EITHER the Woman of Willendorf and other small Paleolithic sculptures OR the cave paintings.

For each explanation you discuss, give evidence for and against it. You can express your own opinion on the meaning of these very ancient works of art, but if you do so, you need to back it up with facts, reasons, and logical arguments. Many ancient monuments of architecture were created as tombs, but their functions, unlike modern cemeteries or graves, went beyond merely being places to bury the dead.

The oldest we have looked at in this class are the megalithic tombs of Western Europe, such as Newgrange. In your essay, compare the architecture, burial practices, and other uses of ancient European megalithic tombs NOT pyramids! Stonehenge in England is a Neolithic monument probably built by local people as a temple, cemetery and astronomical observatory.

In modern times, however, a lot of weird and erroneous ideas have been promoted in books, mass media, and pop culture about who built Stonehenge and how it was constructed. In your essay, describe some of these ideas.

Then, critique these myths by presenting the evidence which shows how the site was actually constructed and used. In this course we have seen several examples of architecture built for defensive purposes, designed to keep people out of a city or palace, but besides walls and towers, they also used what we would call art for magical protection. For each site, describe the architectural features that were intended to protect and defend.

In particular, how was art sculpture added to their architecture for protective purposes?


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How do they combine male and female in their images? Yet, it is also clear that the Mycenaeans changed what they borrowed. Early archaeologists excavating sites in Europe and the Near East found female figures from many periods of prehistory that they interpreted as evidence of the worship of a goddess. What are the problems with all these claims?

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Then, in each case, identify any problems with these interpretations and any evidence that contradicts them. A number of archaeologists, including Spyridon Marinatos, the excavator of Akrotiri, have argued that the volcanic island of Thera and the Minoan town destroyed in its eruption in BCE was the Atlantis written about by the Greek philosopher Plato over a thousand years later.

In your essay, summarize the evidence pro and con for the identification of Thera as Atlantis. You can argue for or against the theory, but make sure you back up your arguments with facts and argument. Long Description.

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newgrange essay art history Newgrange essay art history
newgrange essay art history Newgrange essay art history
newgrange essay art history Newgrange essay art history
newgrange essay art history Newgrange essay art history
newgrange essay art history Newgrange essay art history

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